Herbal Tea n.4 – Compound Fucus
100 g

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100 g

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This herbal tea has a purifying action of liquids.

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The herbal tea plays an aid in treatments that promote a diuretic action aimed at eliminating excess fluids.
Produced and packaged by the Cosmetic Laboratory of the Generalate Congregation of Camaldolese Hermits of Tuscany.

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How to use

Decoction: Two tablespoons in 1/2 liter of water, boil for 2-3 minutes. Drink two cups a day between meals. Possibly sweeten with honey.


Fucus vesiculosus thallus 23,5%, Fraxinus excelsior flos, Rhamnus alpino cortex, Salvia officinalis folium, Chincona calysaia cortex, Betula alba folium, Glycyrrhiza glabra radix, Equisetum arvense planta, Foeniculum officinale semen, Mentha piperita folium, Achillea millefolium summitates, Vitis vinifera folium, Juniperus communis bacca, Asparagus officinalis radix, Citrus aurantium flos, Citrus limoneum epicarpum.