Borbotto Red Wine 750 ml

8,37$ inc.IVA

Red Table Wine. 13,5% vol. alc.

From the beginning, the Camaldolesi monks have cultivated various vineyards  on their farm called the Mausolea or Casa delle Vigne, producing different wines. In the papers of their Historical Archives starting from 1150 they write about vineyards and not about a vineyard, about grape harvests and not about grape harvest, to make it clear that it was not just one type of vineyard and that different viticulture practices were adapted. The monastic Rules of the hermit monks required that not only a good wine be produced, but above all “pure”: of excellent quality. The “vineyard of the hermits” has been documented since 1356, and a well-equipped cellar at its service.
Bottled at origin and produced entirely by S.C. Agricola Forestale La Mausolea Bibbiena -AR- Italy. Produced in Italy. it contains sulfites.

Grape Varitey

Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Black Malvasia and Merlot.