Romiti Red Wine
750 ml

16,36$ inc.IVA

Red table wine.


From the beginning, the Camaldolesi monks have cultivated various vineyards in their farm called Mausolea or casa delle Vigne, producing different wines. In recent years, ancient vines have been recovered that have given rise to a wine with virtuous flavours. The monastic rules of the hermit monks required that not only a good wine be produced, but above all “pure”, of excellent quality. The “vineyard of the hermits” has been documented since 1356 and a well-equipped cellar is at the service of it. The WINE OF ROMITI was born from this ancient oenological tradition.
Bottled at origin and produced entirely by S.C. Agricola Forestale La Mausolea Bibbiena -AR- Italy. Produced in Italy. Contains sulfites.

Grape Variety

Merlot, Canaiolo and Sangiovese.


Romiti red wine mainly contains Merlot, Canaiolo grapes and a small part of Sangiovese.
The year of production is 2015 which in general was an excellent year for grapes.
The wine made a short passage in steel and then was in oak barriques for an abundant year. It has 13.5% degrees, it is definitely advisable to open it at least an hour before drinking it or even pour it into a carafe and keep it at room temperature.