The Cosmetic Laboratory

From 1331, in the Laboratory of the Ancient Apothecary, all the substances were made and taken by the patients who were in the Hospital of Camaldoli; its ancient existence is testified by a document dated May 1048, in which two people named Guido and Pietro rented in perpetuity, a field, near the Nero brook, to Guido, keeper of the Hospital itself.

Among the most important products, we have to mention the Triaca: according to the Venetian recipe, this was an antidote used against all types of poison, a balsam used to heal wounds, along with many other types of balsams, of which we still have the bottles for their conservation and they are produced at present for body care.

The closure of the Hospital of Camaldoli, whose rooms were used as a Guest House between 1866 and 1934, made the Ancient Apothecary do a revision of its products, which were not tied to the patients anymore, but to the reception of pilgrims. In response to these new needs, the monks, according to the ancient tradition of the Apothecaries of Camaldoli, have produced a new line of biological, natural and traditional cosmetic products for face, body and hair, of soaps and perfumes.