Il Laboratorio Cosmetico

Work is the normal means by which the community lives. St. Benedict wants the monks engaged in daily work and prayer. Tradition shows us work as a fundamental element of monastic life in a wise and delicate balance with spiritual activity.

Pharmacist at work

Conveyor belt with filler and labeling machine for packaging

The production is artisanal, certified according to the regulations in force and under the control and technical-scientific supervision.

150 kg turbo emulsifier

50 kg turbo emulsifier

The machinery: two 150 kg turbo emulsifiers and one 50 kg for the production of creams, ointments, shampoos and gels; a mixer for the preparation of perfumes and another for essential oils; two bagging machines for herbal teas and candies – in the herbal department – complete the picture of the machinery. The packaging is semi-automatic consisting of a filler, a labeling machine and a conveyor belt.

Warehouse of finished products